We Want Tired Truckers Off The Roads!

To achieve this goal, Justiceforjanelle.com, C.R.A.S.H, and P.A.T.T share the following mission and are dedicated to its success.

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Pay Truck Drivers By The Hour

Truck Drivers should be paid by the hour for every hour that they work. As all other Americans, truck drivers should be included under the protection of the" Fair Labor Standards Act." (Pay by the mile or by the load promotes fatigue - they aren't being paid unless the wheels are turning)

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On-Board Recording Devices

Many drivers carry two or more logbooks and in many cases are encouraged to do so by their employers. By carrying more then one logbook truck drivers can more readily falsify information regarding their hours of service -vs- down time. Studies performed by the trucking industry have shown that drivers spend, on average, between 33 and 44 hours each week waiting to load or unload. In order to make a living, many drivers fail to "log" this time as required, and still drive an additional 70 hours, which leads to severe sleep deprivation.

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Loading, Unloading And Waiting To Load Or Unload Are Major Contributing Factors To Fatigue

The wait time and environment in which the truck driver must wait (not being allowed to sleep for fear that they will miss their loading call, therefore resulting in being sent to the bottom of the list for an even longer wait) needs to be changed.

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The Trucking Industry And The Federal Government Need To Stop Using Mileage As An Indicator For Evaluating Trucking Industry Safety

The safety record of the trucking industry cannot be justified by the fact that the trucking industry is driving more miles.  More deaths are not better, regardless of overall mileage.  This philosophy is flawed and must be changed.

   This information is provided by The Trucks Safety Coalition Survivors Network