Janelle Ann Marie Durk



Im Janelle :-]

if your a really good friend of mine

you might say im a bit crazy

and always hyper.

and almost never serious

It is really hard to describe me

i have a story to tell about almost everything

I look like a 12 year old

oh well

My Boyfriend; Aaron

Hes something i call amazing.

The truth is i really do lovee him

 My Best Friend Heather Jean Schmelter

Shes my other half; be jelouse

Sammie; Shes one amazing girl, I love her with

my whole heart.  Wifeee for lifee

i have a lot of friends, but only few

know the real me, and i can truly call

them my best friends.

Going to stores with heather is pretty much

the funnest thing you could ever do

we leave shopping carts randomly everywhere,

and brake cds with barbie posters

i always wear more then one shirt

if you dont like me chances are,

i wont like you too much either

 I have major trust issues.

I am a verrry  jelouse person.

 i take the littlest things the wrong way

i think way to much about things

and i think the worst of it

i am not a posative person at all

 I cry a whole lot.

 and i get too attacted to things.

 God is Great

 I am obsessed with paul walker

he is prolly the sexiest thingk i have ever saw.

 i like to smell things

showers are a lot of fun

Getting smiles from strangers make my day

 i will give random people peace signs

yeah, im that cool

 being someones everything and being with

that person is the best thing in the world

  yes, i know, im a weird kid

Hand prints taken one day before her funeral

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