There are more then 5,000 deaths and over 130,000 injuries caused each year by semi accidents.  As victims, we are joining others at The Sorrow to Strength Conference which will be held in Washington D.C., March 10-13.  During this conference, we will get the opportunity to address Congress on Capital Hill.

Days following Janelle's death, many of her friends searched for answers and ways to help.  With your help, they will get that chance as they too have been invited to participate in the Sorrow to Strength Conference.  Many of these kids are not old enough to vote.  They will, however get their opportunity to have their voices heard as they too will be allowed to address Congress on Capital Hill and make a difference in this country.

We are in the process of setting up fund raisers to help cover the cost for these kids to go.  We will be selling "JusticeforJanelle" T-Shirts, which are currently in the process of being ordered.  The money earned, will go towards hotel, food and travel expenses.

Any money left over will be donated to the Truck Safety Coalition in efforts to improve truck safety.

About The Shirts!!!!!!

So here it is!!!!!!    
We just ordered the first shipment of shirts. They are expected to arrive on February 14.  We currently have eighty shirts on order.  I will soon be ordering more as needed.  We have small, medium, large, XL and XXL.  They are 50% polyester, 50% cotton. The shirts are $20.00 with the proceeds all going toward the cause.

How To order

We except , credit cards via pay pal, checks, money orders, cash and pop bottles.
Please make checks payable to Robert Durk.   Our address is

Robert Durk

P.O. Box 332

                    Linden, Michigan 48451

Please include sizes with your order. If you pay through Pay Pal please e-mail your sizes.