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  As our story continues to spread, I have been met with offended truck drivers, for this I will not apologize.  I will, however express that our website was not designed to lash out at ALL semi drivers.  I do believe that there are drivers out there that do drive safely and for that, I thank you.  It is, however focused at government officials, law enforcement, companies and their drivers that do not obey the speed limits, that do falsify their log books, that continue to take illegal drugs to stay awake and allow their companies to push them to the limits.  I understand this is your bread and butter but Janelle was my daughter and I have a right to be upset.  I have a right to voice my opinion.

  Just recently, I was sent a link to a link to join a "truck forum", however I decided not to join in the discussion.  I did, however get the opportunity to read some of their comments.  One comment stood out more then the others.  It read, "Do these people realize that by demanding more frequent and tougher DOT (Department of Transportation) inspections the drivers will be under more pressure to make up for the lost time spent at the inspection point? "I doubt that the increased DOT inspections will result in a comparable increase of infractions, but the lost time may cause truckers to drive MORE recklessly to try and make up time for the delays."  He goes on to say that I need to learn more about the trucking industry.  My remark to this is, I did not ask for this.  I would prefer voicing my opinion to a 15 year old child about life.  The death of my daughter did not come with instructions or a manual.  I will continue to learn more about the "industry" and my voice will become stronger, sir.

There are hundreds of senseless deaths caused every week on our freeways by truck drivers that are pushed to the limit by the companies that they work for. In 2003 there were a total of 5,036 death related fatalities, in 2004, a total of 5,190 and in 2005 a total of 5,212  These numbers do not include bodily injuries, which usually resulted in traumatic brain injuries or the loss of a limb. These statistics only prove that things are not improving, they are getting worse.

 I use to work for a company that sent truck drivers daily. I know how the system works.  You tell the company that the cargo needs to be delivered by the next day and they promise to have it there.  It was sometimes a 48 hour trip but they promised to have the cargo delivered the next day. They are rewarded for bad behavior rather than good behavior.  Many drivers are over logged, drive too fast, and take drugs to keep them awake.  Not to mention there is not enough law enforcement on the freeways to counteract the actions of these drivers.  These are machines that can and will kill again.  While traveling on our trip we passed through three states. Indiana, Illinois and Missouri.  During this trip, we only noticed three patrol units on the freeways.  That was one patrol car per state.

We also noticed that many weigh stations were closed.  The place where vehicle inspections are made.  The place where trucks are checked for proper weight.  States are concerned that these trucks will weigh too much and ruin their roads.  What about the many lives that are ruined daily because of drivers?  I feel not only should their trucks be weighed and inspected but their log books inspected as well.  What better place for truckers to be caught breaking the laws. I have also learned that drivers bypass the weigh stations by using side roads.  Mobile Patrol, when in use, should be used to intercept these drivers.

Drivers should be fined heavily along with their companies when they are caught breaking the laws.  If more companies were held responsible, then perhaps they would enforce their drivers to obey the laws rather then break them.  

Many trucks are Governed, which means they are only allowed to travel a certain speed limit but these devices are easily disassembled, allowing trucks to travel at speeds that are beyond safe.  Trucks are also equipped with devices that allows their companies to shut down their trucks after traveling for so many hours.  One of the drivers that killed my daughter was allegedly logged for 20 hours of driving, causing him to fall asleep.  Not to mention, he tested positive for drugs, he was on parole through the state of Indiana for drunk driving in 2000 which resulted in a death.  He was released from prison a year ago and was given a CDL license and is now back in prison awaiting yet another trial for the death of two more people.

My daughter died a senseless death, along with thousand others.  It is time for our government to step up to the plate and take responsibility, along with our law enforcement, the drivers behind the wheel and the companies that allow this to continue.


  I will not be quiet!

I will not be idle!

 My daughters life will not be in vain!.



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